BIMFBathurst International Motor Festival (Australia)
BIMFBelgian Independent Music Festival (Antwerp, Belgium)
BIMFBowdoin International Music Festival
BIMFBosnia International Music Festival
BIMFBiointensive Mini-Farming (sustainable gardening)
BIMFBase Intermediate Maintenance Facility
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Since BIMF needs little land or capital, it has been of particular interest to agencies that aid subsistence farmers in developing countries.
BIMF is highly productive and has been found to grow two to four times as much food per unit area as conventional agriculture.
These figures came from attempts to provide a complete diet using BIMF in northern California.
After a balanced soil is achieved, BIMF also conserves energy.
BIMF uses small areas, does not need expensive irrigation equipment, avoids the purchase of petroleum-fueled cultivating and harvesting machinery and reduces expenses for annual inputs.
Trends that might favor the growth of BIMF include the heightened interest in locally grown and organic foods.
(1) Image initialization: [r.sub.0](x, y) = fx, y) (the residual) and i = 1 (index number of BIMF).
g) Repeat steps b) to f) until SD [less than or equal to] [xi], where [xi] is an a priori constant the constant of a priori choice, and [f.sub.i](x, y) = [h.sub.j](x, y) is the ith BIMF.
where [c.sub.k](x, y) is the kth BIMF, and [r.sub.n](x, y) denotes the final residue image.
Even BIMF decomposition produces distortion; therefore, the image signal must be processed in BEMD to restrain or eliminate it in the screening end effect.
Decomposition may consist of an image decomposition and result in multiple BIMF images.
The six-day BIMF, presented by the Culture and Information Ministry, is sponsored by Gulf Air and Viva and is being held to celebrate music from around the world.