BIMIBaptist International Missions, Inc.
BIMIBlind Initial Mode Identification
BIMIBreccia International Minerals, Inc. (Delaware)
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Dis I saw pefore I know him three months, und Bertran he haf saw the same; and Bimi, der orang-outang, baf understood us both, mit his cigar between his big-dog teeth und der blue gum.
Only I say 'Haf you thought of Bimi? If he pulls me away when I talk to you, what will he do to your wife?
"Den I felt at der back of my neck der fingers of Bimi. Mein Gott!
"But I knew dot I had made Bimi a life's enemy, pecause his fingers haf talk murder through the back of my neck.
"So Bertran he was married, and he forgot clean about Bimi dot was skippin' alone on the beach mit der haf of a human soul in his belly.
'For any sakes, kill Bimi. He is mad mit der jealousy.'
Shoot him when he comes to der house, for he haf der light in his eyes dot means killing-und killing.' Bimi come to der house, but dere was no light in his eyes.
"Dot next day Bertran came to my house to help me make some wood cases for der specimens, und he tell me dot he haf left his wife a liddle while mit Bimi in der garden.
"His wife was not in der garden, und Bimi did not come when Bertran called.
"I tell you we waited ten days in dot house, after der room was made into a room again, and once or twice we saw Bimi comm' a liddle way from der woods.
But Bertran, he haf killed Bimi mit sooch dings as Gott gif him.
We are a young team this year with not a lot of experience, but we do have a lot of talent." Rishe Paridas, who is a sophomore, and juniors David Rodriguez and Bimi Adenekan will be counted on to pick up some of that scoring slack.