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BINEBürger-Information Neue Energietechniken (German: Citizens Information - New Energy Technologies; Bonn, Germany)
BINEBeijing Institute of Nuclear Engineering (est. 1958; China)
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Commercial farms typically run barbed wire across the top instead of electrical wire, so that each line doesn't slide toward another when the weight of the summer hop bines set in, and beginning this year, we are going to use barbed wire on our new hop poles.
Bine describes a French cousin's escape from a German prison camp disguised as an orderly and eventually making his way to the United States.
Ce sa mai cautam la comediile alea nemtesti, niste mofturi; dam parale si nu intelegem nimic; mai bine punem banii in buzunarul alalalt si zicem ca ne-am dus.
Acest lucru nu va suprima faptul ca unii cercetatori se descurca mai bine decat altii, dar ar putea avea drept rezultat un mediu academic cu conditii de munca mai bune pentru cei implicati, si mult mai important, articole mai putine, dar mai calificate.
From the earliest axe head to the latest iPhone, human be- ings have favoured that which com- bines excellent function with pleasing design.
To train a shoot to a trellis wire, loosely wrap the wire around the shoot so that the hop bine is growing clockwise (when viewed from the top) around the wire.
Here, LORNA FRAME introduces you to Bine, Firth, Alex, Archie, Hooper and Mac.
Tenders are invited for Widening of Road from Slaughter house to dust bine along Gyan Tara road Ward No.
The former allows unnecessary parts of the movie to be easily removed while the latter enables the user to comA[degrees] bine multiple movies into one file for inA[degrees]camera editing.
Ar fi mai bine daca am reusi sa facem stiinta stiintifica si productie productiva.
Carat has such capabilities, but only by being close to our clients and the media in Riyadh, can we com- bine creativity and local insight with global scale.
In a corridor, gray-haired Stanley Bine walked up to the familiar face with the silver hair.