BINFBiomedical Informatics
BINFBachelor of Informatics
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By taking an equity commitment of 20 million, the EBRD becomes the second BInf anchor investor next to the European Investment Bank.
BInF will also receive investment from Citadele pension funds, which will raise the fund's total volume to 100 million euros.
BaltCap launched BInF last July and set the target of 100 million.
The Binf strain has the enzymes necessary to thrive in the presence of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) and is known to influence the microbiota of the infant through breastfeeding.
In the first open trial, 12 formula-fed premature infants were randomly assigned to receive increasing doses of either formula + Binf or formula + Blac for 5 weeks.
In the infants receiving formula, the Binf group showed an increase in total bifidobacteria and microbial diversity compared with those receiving formula plus Blac.
In the human breast milk fed infants, supplementation with Binf was associated with consistently greater increases in faecal bifidobacteria when compared with Blac supplementation.
Overall, the combination of breast milk and the Binf strain was most effective at normalising the faecal microbiota.
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