BINHIBukidnon Integrated Network of Home Industries (Philippines)
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To date, BINHI has already planted 4,715 threatened native tree species in 13 regions, and established four arboretums for future seed production and outdoor laboratory for students and conservationists.
They were divided into five groups and assigned the team names Mangkono, Kamagong, Tindalo, Malabayabas and Apitong -- examples of the prime, indigenous and endangered tree species that the BINHI program seeks to protect and propagate.
He expressed his agency's support for corporate-led initiatives such as BINHI and the EDC-BYC which provide avenues for greater environmental awareness and involvement in various sectors of society.
BINHI-Tree for the Future' is under EDC's BINHI Greening Legacy program aimed at securing the gene pool of premium, endangered native tree species.