BINHIBukidnon Integrated Network of Home Industries (Philippines)
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BINHI is the first corporate-led forest restoration program that has been bridging forest gaps and bringing back to abundance our threatened Philippine native trees.
From fresh produce to natural personal care products made from raw honey, homemade chili sauce, crocheted crafts, homemade cheese and yogurt and tools to lessen waste, Binhi has a wide range of merchants showcasing their products-all handmade, natural and eco-friendly.
Binhi, "Do naturally occurring magnetic nanoparticles in the human body mediate increased risk of childhood leukaemia with EMF exposure?" International Journal of Radiation Biology, vol.
Binhi is EDC's flagship environmental program since 2011 that has successfully reforested 9,500 hectares with indigenous species, and has also succeeded in searching, sampling and propagating 96 premium native tree species under threat of extinction.
Lopez has written that some people may think of BINHI's idea of reforestation as an ordinary tree-planting activity.
The identified mangrove forest area is included in areas rehabilitated under EDC's flagship environmental program, BINHI, through its partner farmer-assisted association, the Alliance of Bacman Farmers Association Inc.
Best screenplay, 'Ang Nagliliyab na Kasaysayan ng Pamilya dela Cruz'; best cinematography, 'Ang Huling Bucketlist'; best production design, 'Dalit'; best costume design, 'Ang Nagliliyab na Kasaysayan ng Pamilya dela Cruz'; best original theme song, 'Binhi' (by Em Sambayan, for 'Ang Nagliliyab na Kasaysayan ng Pamilya dela Cruz');
Turuan natin ang mga magsasaka na gumamit ng makina at bigyan sila ng alalay tulad ng iba't-ibang farm inputs like binhi, abono, soft loans, at iba pa, (We need to start in farm fields.
Names like Mulatil, Binhi, Bughaw and Bituin will hopefully elicit in the persons bearing those names a sense of reverence and respect for the elements or forces of nature.
These novels are: 'Binhi at Bunga' (1925), 'Cesar' (1926), 'Ama' (1929), 'Bayang Nagpatiwakal' (1931), 'Sa Paanan ng Krus' (1934), 'Ang Pamana ng Pulubi' (1935), 'Bago Lumubog ang Araw' (1936), 'Singsing na Pangkasal' (1939), 'Ilaw sa Hilaga' (1947), 'Sugat ng Alaala' (1951), 'Maganda pa ang Daigdig' (1956), 'Daluyong' (1961).