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A 6X bino makes a deer a quarter mile away appear as big as a deer looks to the naked eye at 73 yards.
MSRP: $60 CONTACT: BINO DOCK, 830-507-3153;
Recovered from Bino were a heat-sealed sachet of suspected 'shabu' and a Cal.
He said that Ring Road from Railway station to BINO cancer hospital would reduce the burden of traffic by providing an alternative road artery which would serve as a fast track transport facility for the residents of Bahawalpur.
So, in early 2011 veterinarians decided to see if acupuncture might help Bino.
In a meeting between ACC members and EU commercial attaches, Bino added that the political will exists in Jordan to face the countryaACAOs problems with corruption, reiterating that no person is above the law and that the commission enjoys full independence without interference from the government or other authorities, as it began its work prior to the changes caused by the Arab spring.
After we get as comfortable as we can, avoiding the mud puddles and finding a spot away from the tent edges where the rain is drizzling in, Edna starts to volunteer quick bites of information about Bino.
Three policemen were targeted by gunmen while attempting to reach Bino and secure the area, Hubert Vernet, a government official, told the Reuters news agency.
The budgie was named 'Bino' by the Stirling players after their nickname but was affectionately called 'Jinky' by fans because of his 'wing' skills.
That meant that any deer I was likely to spot with binos had to come into range anyway.
The Leica will also allow you to put your programed ballistic data on a microSD memory card and insert it in the bino. Now we're talking my language.
Ben Picpican, who had just been ordered released for further investigation by the Quezon City Prosecutor's Office on charges of robbery, possession of picklocks and malicious mischief, had introduced himself as "Arthur Bino" following his arrest on Jan.