BINPBudker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk, Russia)
BINPBwindi Impenetrable National Park (Uganda)
BINPBrain Injury and Neurovascular Pathologies (study section; Center for Scientific Review; US NIH)
BINPBangladesh Integrated Nutrition Project
BINPBrain Injury-Derived Neurotrophic Peptide (neuroscience)
BINPBattelle Integrity of Nuclear Piping (commercial nuclear power plants; US NRC)
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?Por que no funciono el BINP, si el TINP logro tener exito?
Aparentemente, tanto el TINP como el BINP estarian disenados solo para aquellos casos en los cuales las mujeres administran el hogar en general, al tiempo que controlan el suministro de alimentos.
NGO contracting under BINP was relatively small, and when it was scaled up under the NNP, proved to be extremely problematic.
A commercial electron-beam accelerator (ELV-0.5, BINP, Russia) irradiates the samples under nitrogen atmosphere, with several dosages that are controlled by changing both beam current and conveyor speed.
Bangladesh's first large-scale nutrition intervention, formed in the 1980s and active from 1995 to 2002, the Bangladesh Integrated Nutrition Plan (BINP) spent only 6% of its budget during the 1990s.
(36) Severe underweight rates in Bangladesh fell from 26% in 1991 to 12% in 2002, while moderate underweight rates fell from 62% to 43%, but attribution of these falls to the BINP is not possible.