BINRBasic Intrinsic Noise Ratio
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Table 1 Variables of the empirical estimations Variable Description name BINR Public revenues, central government, bn EUR, constant 2005 prices BEXR Public expenditures, central government, bn EUR, constant 2005 prices d(BINR) First difference of BINR d(BEXR) First difference of BEXR DTY Ratio (%) of public debt (central government) to GDP (current prices) Table 2 Results of separate unit root (stationarity) tests ADF BINR BEXR d(BINR) d(BEXR) Assumption: Levels Levels 1st 1st difference difference Intercept -1.
A month later, at a BINR meeting on Oahu, more than a dozen people also testified heavily in favor of the subs operating off of Waikiki Beach.
8 million shares at 2 750 Rupees per share, for a total approximately BINR 5 (MSEK 700).