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BINSBayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener (trademark of Pearson Education, Inc.)
BINSBenign Idiopathic Neonatal Seizures (epilepsy)
BINSBoreal Institute for Northern Studies (Canada)
BINSBuryat Institute of Natural Sciences (Russia)
BINSBundled Information Notification System
BINSBureau of International Students
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"Daddy was lazy today," remarked Jane, with the frankness which characterized her, "he didn't fill one bin."
itt bin that hur lashipp prevent mee; for to bee sur, Sir, you nose
He used to go with his father into the harness-room, where the corn was kept, and I could see them, when the door stood ajar, fill a little bag with oats out of the bin, and then he used to be off.