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BIOAPIBiometric Api
BIOAPIBiometrics Application Programming Interface
BIOAPIBiometric Application Program Interface (biometrics)
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With the BioAPI Standard, "you can have a single template out there and be able to use that on multiple manufacturers' readers," says Bulkley.
Now, with CBEFF and BioAPI, developers have all the tools needed to ensure interoperability in any environment.
5) The BioAPI Consortium was formed in 1998 by Compaq Computer, IBM, Identicator Technology, Microsoft, Miros, and Novell (representing the Speaker Verification API standard workgroup) for the purpose of developing a specification of a standardized API compatible with a wide range of biometrics application programs and biometrics technologies.
Meetings co-located with the conference included the kick-off meeting of a new NIST initiative (NIST's Biometrics Interoperability, Performance, and Assurance Working Group, which will operate under the umbrella of the Biometric Consortium), a BioAPI Consortium meeting, and meetings of the International Biometric Industry Association.