BIOCBiocontrol (pest control without chemicals)
BIOCBreak Into Other Computers
BIOCBuyer In Ordinary Course (legal)
BIOCBasic Identity Object Class
BIOCBiometric Characteristics (biometrics)
BIOCBlack Input/Output Controller
BIOCBus I/O Controller
BIOCBest Interest of Child (legal)
BIOCBuffered Input/Output Controller
BIOCBasic Intelligence Officers Course
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Prof M Sohel Rahman (Member, BIOC) acted as the coordinator of the divisional rounds.
I was in a car with some American BIOC NAFNIPS and we passed by a local diner that was advertising its special of the day: a BLGT sandwich, to which somebody in the car commented on what a politically correct and socially inclusive culinary salute it was to those with alternative sexual preferences.
World & National Publication Share in Medium Productivity Subject Areas, 2001-10 World Publication Share, 2001-10 (%) Subject Pakistan Bangladesh Sri Nepal Lanka Computer 0.23 0.10 0.03 0.004 Science Bioc., Genet.
(11) When joint legal and physical custody exists, or when the child has an actively participating and involved non-custodial parent who exercises visitation zealously, the courts retreat to the "best interest of the child" (BIOC) standards in making relocation decisions.
The EAC Monetary Union by 2012 was called for by regional leaders at a summit last year "to further foster economic integration in the regional trade bioc", following the establishment of a common market that provided for free movement of goods, labour, and services among the five nations.
important Top Fathers need" 3 Needs" Identifying Legal rights 24 42 51 Shared parenting; equal access Recognition of father as parent 14 31 33 Respect, validation Removing gender bias 8 24 30 Dealing with parental alienation Dealing with false allegations; shaping positive image Mediation, counselling 7 12 20 Remove adversarial system/court Mediation as an alternative Support services for fathers 6 26 33 BIOC = children's needs 6 13 17 Access enforcement 5 8 12
Tickers featured: BIOC. Complete text approximately 3000 words.
Studio sulla tollerabilita ed efficacia della silimarina BIOC [R] (Piulatte [R]) micro-nizzata come galattagogo.
In the both of the projects, hybridizations controls; bioB, bioC, bioD and cre; are always present (Table 1 and Table 2).