BIOCARDBiomarkers for Older Controls At Risk for Dementia (NIMH's Alzheimer study)
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The current study draws on data from the parent BIOCARD study, which was initiated at the National Institutes of Health and ended in 2005; it resumed at Johns Hopkins University in 2009.
Although the Biocard Celiac Test can tell whether a person has coeliac disease, the patient must still have that diagnosis confirmed by a gut biopsy before starting on a gluten-free diet.
The Biocard test is as accurate as a doctor's or lab blood test which needs a GP consultation and a seven-day wait for results.
The Factor4 biocard is a completely self-contained, wireless, biometric security card that grants secure building and computer access.
comes the hand-held version, each containing a 3-D figure, four games, and a collectible BioCard. Through electronic game play, users can unlock Rare Item Codes that can be used to obtain unique Neopet items.
BioCard, even a higher level of security offered with Identicator's BioLogon 2.0, provides multilayer security features that employ a combination of smart cards, biometric and password, for access to applications or features.