BIOCOREBiological Cosmic Ray Experiment
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Microbiome analysis company Diversigen revealed on Tuesday that it has entered into a strategic partnership with BioCore Co, a bioanalytical contract research organisation.
The BioCoRE program involves personalized mentoring and career development initiatives.
The two deals are expected to be covered with equity financing from both JLL and fellow buyout firm Ampersand Capital Partners, which currently controls CoreLab.Country: USASector: HealthcareTarget: BioClinica IncBuyer: BioCore Holdings Inc, BC Acquisition Corp, JLL Partners IncDeal size in USD: 123mType: LBO, P2PStatus: Agreed
However, "a new vaccine, developed by BioCore in Omaha, Nebraska, gives 100 percent protection to cattle.
This tender offer is being initiated by BC Acquisition Corp (purchaser), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BioCore Holdings Inc (parent), each of which is an affiliate of JLL Partners Inc (JLL).
One of MFC's leading products is BioCore AR, which it promotes as "a soothing digestive aid" that is intended to compete with pharmaceutical antacids.
Branded blends include: Isolase [R], Serrazimes [R], Nattozimes [R], CereCalase [R] and BioCore [R], a nationally recognized line of digestive products.
National Enzyme Company (NEC), Forsyth, MO, has introduced BioCore GI, a new offering combining two enzymes that can help support intestinal flora, help maintain a healthy blood sugar level, and can be used as part of a weight loss plan.
For individuals with diets that contain added macronutrient content, NEC offers BioCore Pro, BioCore Lipo and BioCore Carbo, which provide added digestive support for protein, fat and carbohydrates.
National Enzyme Company has added two new products to its BioCore line: BioCore AR, a patent pending chewable digestive enzyme with instant relief from occasional heartburn; and BioCore Kids, a chewable digestive enzyme supplement created to nurture a child's digestive system and optimize nutrition from food.
Several of its branded blends include: Isolase, Myolase, Serrazimes, Nattozimes, CereCalase and a new line of products called BioCore. BioCore digestive enzyme products, offering eight ultimate building blocks, is the culmination of over 70 years of extensive research in the field of digestion and digestive enzymes.