BIODBlock Input Output Daemon
BIODBlock Input/Output Daemon (computing)
BIODBuilt-In Overflow Detection
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Prior to the president and chief executive officer roles, Olsen has worked as chief operating officer at BioD.
Material Degradation [[bar.M].sub.w] [[bar.M].sub.n] type Pristine -- 234,000 64,700 PP UV 6600 1800 Biod. 208,200 58,700 UV/Biod.
BioD has more than 25 patents and provisional patents filed in connection with its proprietary processing techniques and the clinical use of its products, according to Greg Brophy, the firm's president and CEO.
BIOD Biodelivery Science BDSI Biogen Idec, Inc BIIB Biomarin Pharmaceuticals BMRN BiosantePharma
Roedd haid o biod mr ar y dwer islaw a'r mr i weld yn berwi'n ddistaw.
And Mike reckons if biod iversity was pushed higher up the agenda the damage caused by human impact could be dramatically reduced THIS is the International Year of Biodiversity but how much do we really care about plant and animal life when recent reports show our species are under severe strain?
(Nasdaq: BIOD), Danbury, Conn., has reported financial results for the fourth quarter and fiscal year ended September 30, 2008 and reviewed recent corporate activities and plans.
20) & costadon god in heortum heara daet hie beden mettas sawlum heara & yfle spreocende sind bi gode & cwedun ah meg god\ngearwian biod in woestenne [PsGlA].
In the both of the projects, hybridizations controls; bioB, bioC, bioD and cre; are always present (Table 1 and Table 2).