BIOIDBiometric Identification (biometrics)
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"User experience, security, and reliability were the main factors for choosing the German company BioID as a partner to win the market."
23, 2018), (discussing that banks that accept Mastercard payments will have to support bioID mechanisms, and that 92% of banking professionals want to introduce biometric identification methods; beyond that, very few banks disclose to users that they perform this tracking, which violates the consent requirements of GDPR).
In our experiments, we used the GI4E [23] public dataset, which contains 103 test subjects with 1,236 visible facial images and the BioID [24] dataset, which consists of 1,521 frontal face images with significant variation in illumination and head pose.
Some of the sample images used for face detection from BIOID database are presented in Fig.
Two datasets were used in the computation of the dictionary for template generation: FaceScrub [19] and BioID [18].
As shown in Table 1, our method achieves 7.12 on IMM database, 8.0 on CMU PIE, 7.6 on BioID and 7.5 on LFW in terms of MAPE.
[16] Homepage of the BioID cloud-based biometric recognition solution, available from:, last visited: 03.10.2012.
Pic4Pass, a division of Germany-based biometric security company, BioID, has introduced a global online identification photo service.
The fingerprinting or biometric identification (BioID) system on the Pyxis machines is a vital part of ensuring that only authorized staff members have access to medications.
- Judgement C-37/03 P BioID v Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market.
BioID Technologies installed the systems from Indian Technologies.