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BIOMBiomira Inc. (stock symbol)
BIOMBinocular Indirect OphthalmoMicroscope (wide angle viewing system)
BIOMBiometrisches Merkmal (biometrics)
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HCV genotypes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, from the HCV RNA genotype performance panel (HCV RNA Genotype AccuTrak Qualification Panel 2400-0182, Seracare)were successfully detected and quantified by BioM HCV VL Test (Table S4), with Ct values ranging from 25 to 34, which falls in the range of detection of our kit.
We had to shift to the BIOM system to complete the procedure.
BionX is in the field of prosthetic devices with their flagship product the BiOM Ankle, the only lower-limb prosthesis with powered propulsion for enhanced mobility.
"For example, the BiOM prosthesis; we began building prototypes at MIT in 2003," says Herr.
iWalk today also unveiled new research that scientifically proves that the BiOM normalises level ground walking at multiple speeds for below knee amputees, when compared to peers with intact biological limbs.
The Biom Lite range is available for girls as well, featuring full grain leather uppers with speed lace for easy instep.
,317 * ,403 ** ,342 * Ca ,385 * ,142 ,337 * Mg ,101 -,082 ,053 Na ,044 -,157 -,119 K -,036 -,237 -,133 D -,214 -,330 * -,283 Ure ,761 ** ,676 ** 1,000 Gluco ,855 ** ,666 ** ,747 ** C biom 1,000 ,810 ** ,761 ** FDA ,400 * ,420 ** ,375 * Resp ,810 ** 1,000 ,676 ** B-Glucosidasa Hidrolisis FDA Suelo -,057 -,290 Vegetacion -,052 -,292 Altitud -,114 -,367 * pH -,504 ** -,396 * C.O.
American stand-up comic Brian Marlow, who specialises in science routines, addressed an audience of shortlisted authors, researchers and open access advocates at BioM ed Central's annual research awards in London last month.
Christie, from Indianapolis, was having a crisis about just turning 40, Bibika from Estonia was wondering if it's true that it rains for 10 months of the year in England, and a second German, Biom, was disappointed about returning to the office after his summer break and was hoping his secretary had enjoyed her holiday.
Total storage root yield (TYLD), commercial storage root yield (CYLD), and biomass production (BIOM) were recorded as Mg [ha.sup.-1], whereas commercial harvest index (CHI = CYLD/TYLD) and harvest index (HI = TYLD/BIOM) were recorded as percentages.
Hoffmann-La Roche, BioRad, Organon Teknika and bioM?rieux, Inc.