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BIOMASSBiological Investigations Of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks
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Biomass power plants not only generate renewable base-load power, they offer a clean and cost-effective disposal option for biomass residuals from the agricultural, urban and forestry sectors while sustaining rural jobs and communities.
The Balkan country is working on a new law on renewable energy sources, which includes incentives for biomass energy production.
About 10% of the global energy demand is covered by biomass [Faaij, 2006], but the exact contribution of biomass to energy supply is unknown, due to non-commercial use and a confusing terminology.
In 2005 the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 1072, creating the Oregon Forest Biomass Working Group.
When completed, the project will convert the plant's remaining coal-fired unit to biomass gasification technology, allowing it to use 100 percent biomass in all three boilers.
This size difference, combined with transportation connections and the abundance of biomass in the region, made Atikokan a prime location for the research centre.
The forecast growth of biomass market domestically is about 3-fold and 15 fold internationally, and for biomass related products market, a growth of 2 fold in 2012.
RELEVANCE TO CLINICAL PRACTICE: As residents of lesser developed countries continue to be exposed to high levels of biomass smoke at work or at home and continue to immigrate to developed countries, it is important that health care providers in developed countries be aware of biomass-smoke-related pulmonary disease.
In the developed nations, growing crops to produce biomass fuel is not the only option.
8 million) for a new biomass boiler at Shimada mill in Shizuoka.
However, it takes chemistry to turn solid biomass into liquid fuels.
Taylor Recycling recently added two new staff members--Vice President of Engineering Ralph Corley and Certified Accountant Howard Cohen--to help staff the Taylor Biomass-Energy LLC subsidiary it has established to expand its biomass efforts.