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BIOMASSBiological Investigations Of Marine Antarctic Systems and Stocks
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Disproportionality, social marketing, and biomass availability: A case study of Virginia and North Carolina family forests.
Unlike solar panels and wind turbines, biomass heating systems often lack visibility, and therefore system owners do not receive the same kind of recognition for their efforts to generate renewable energy," Joseph Seymour, BTEC Executive Director explained.
Biomass energy source is extensively derived from plants either to generate electricity or to produce heat energy.
The country needs to get carbon emissions down quickly and converting coal plants to run on biomass is one way to do it, says Dr Patricia Thornley, senior research fellow at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.
Edward Milbank, director at Richmond-based Pennine Biomass, said: "We are dedicated to making biomass heating work for our clients before, during and after installation.
But while biomass may be in theory carbon-neutral, green groups point out that there is no free lunch.
Existing public information on solid-fuel biomass power plants in California is often outdated or difficult to access.
The Balkan country is working on a new law on renewable energy sources, which includes incentives for biomass energy production.
About 10% of the global energy demand is covered by biomass [Faaij, 2006], but the exact contribution of biomass to energy supply is unknown, due to non-commercial use and a confusing terminology.
The rationale for these taxpayer subsidies is the presumption that biomass is "green" energy.
In 2005 the Oregon Legislature approved Senate Bill 1072, creating the Oregon Forest Biomass Working Group.
The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) has created a docket to begin evaluating Xcel Energy's request to install biomass gasification technology at the Bay Front Power Plant in Ashland, Wis.