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BIONBelieve It or Not
BIONBionic Neuron
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Recently, Bion also incorporated SSAB Strenx steel into the chassis design of some products to provide even greater structural strength.
In response to the positive growth rates, Bion Industrial is looking to increase production to 1,500 tippers in 2016 following the opening of a new half a million square-feet manufacturing facility in Dubai Industrial City which will accommodate up to 1,000 employees.
Pensar empieza a ser percibido, por el joven Bion, como pensar a traves de la catastrofe; o, cuando menos, como un impulso emotivo lleno de coraje para no capitular ante la desarticulacion y el desmembramiento (Bion, 1979, citado en Brown, 2012, p.
Tuvimos que enfrentarnos a esta nueva realidad con algunas de las herramientas conceptuales que podiamos recoger de la corriente de pensamiento psicoanalitico de Freud, Klein, Bion y Meltzer.
Bion believed the resources of the human mind included the ability to transform [beta] elements in higher order experiential ([alpha]) elements, which could be amenable to the operations of the conscious and unconscious mind.
Otra forma de este superyo puede ser entendida como lo que Bion denomina: "un infierno furioso de no existencia voraz" (5c), senalando el afan psicotico por negar la realidad externa.
Unfortunately your elde brother is ru er of the Al bion and he rules with a cruel iron fist.
The call came in a letter to The Times signed by eight senior figures, including a former coroner, Michael Powers, a former deputy coroner, Margaret Bloom, and Julian Bion, a professor of intensive care medicine.
To explore this theme, I shall first present two pre-psychoanalytic tales which have been central to psychoanalytic thinking, Hoffmann's story of The Sandman, as read by Rand and Torok, and Sophocles' King Oedipus, primarily as seen by Bion.
13 January 2010 - Swedish biotechnology R&D company Probi AB (STO: PROB) said today that German pharmaceutical company Merck KGaA (ETR: MRK) will market Bion Transit, a dietary supplement based on Probi's bacteria Lp299v, in 13 countries in Latin America.
23 December 2009 - US Renewable energy company Bion Environmental Technologies is planning to build a large-scale beef cattle and processing operation near the town of Schroeppel, New York.