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BIONICLEBiological Chronicle (Lego)
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Collect all six BIONICLE STARS and this awesome battle machine will turn into the sought-after Golden Toa.
Proving the point the there would always be casualties of the motion-sensing system, Bionicle Heroes would have been a really good laugh, if only it was played with analogue.
Brycen would play joyfully at home with passionate motivation, building with Bionicles, K'Nex and Lego and acting out elaborate storylines with toy animals.
Danish toy maker LEGO Group said on Wednesday (21 December) that its LEGO DUPLO Pre-school products and the BIONICLE range would be made by acknowledged suppliers in Hungary and Czech Republic.
The two companies have previously collaborated to produce a series of books based on LEGO's BIONICLE range of toys.
The BIONICLE game is due to be released in autumn 2003.
Tahu Bionicle Blake Winkler, age 8 Frankfort, Illinois
Lego Technic Bionicle is a new product aimed at children between 7 and 16, according to Lego spokesperson Eva Lykkegaard.
TT Games is the combined publishing and development groupbehind the hit games LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Batman: The Videogame, LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures and BIONICLE Heroes.
Packed with amazing, brand-new, features, these BIONICLE figures offer a unique building experience, a distinct character and design based on the Earth's elements, cool hi-tech features and weapons with firing ammunition.
2001:The Lego Bionicle range is launched, featuring an original set of characters complete with their own storyline based on Polynesian mythology.
As he's nine now the presents become more mature and dad's eyes light up when he spots a K Nex set and a Bionicle.