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BIOTABlame It on the Alcohol
BIOTABlame It on the Altitude (Colorado bottled water brand)
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ABN AMRO Morgans cut its recommendation on the stock to hold from buy after Biota shares overshot its price target of a$2.24 on Monday.
Biota is an antiviral drug development company based in Melbourne, with expertise in respiratory diseases, particularly influenza.
Biota, one of Australia's most internationally recognised pharmaceutical companies, has posted a lower than expected half year profit.
Tyrrell, who pays considerable attention to market forces, does not ignore economics; rather he demonstrates how the interaction of cultural, ecological and economic processes shaped both the motivations behind, and the often-unanticipated outcomes of, mixing biota.
Religious traditionalists believe that the global biota were put here in one way or another by heavenly design, and secularists believe that it was self-assembled through evolution by natural selection.
The report emphasizes (1) the distribution of organochlorine compounds in relation to general land-use practices; (2) the characteristics of the aquatic biota used in the tissues analysis; and (3) the characteristics of the sediments analyzed.
Cape Range supports unique limestone karst cave systems and endemic subterranean and terrestrial biota, as well as having significant cultural values associated with Aboriginal occupation.
Darwin's ideas have survived, but his biota, had they been the embodiment of his ideas, would have long since passed into oblivion.
Canada is committed to several national and international agreements to maintain the quality of the waters, sediments and biota which comprise marine ecosystems.
Part II, "The biota," contains nine chapters: population dynamics, genetics, nutrition and environmental physiology, behavior, sampling biota, aging and growth, population assessment, managing biota, and endangered species.
The effects of this process on the biota living in the sediments are little known, except where gross incidents of contamination have occurred.
Camp Biota, in Nashville, Tenn., was founded as a natural science resident camp in 1956 by Nelle and Forrest Evans, and ran until their retirement in the early 1970's.