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BIOTASBiological Investigations of Terrestrial Antarctic Systems (Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) program; Cambridge, England, UK)
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Compiled mostly by museum palaeontologists, this is a ready reference for iconic fossil sites such as the Precambrian Ediacaran early biota locations of the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, the Silurian Baragwanathia (vascular plant) location from near Yea, Victoria, and the Miocene mammal sites of the Riversleigh area, Queensland.
The Mediterranean-Atlantic characteristics of Messinian reef corallines therefore reflect the decrease in tropical biotas that occurred during the Miocene (around 20 million years ago).
In its initial proposal, the Commission had suggested limiting checks to surface waters, ie not biotas (living organisms) and sediments, except for three substances that are more hazardous than others when they accumulate in the food chain: mercury, hexachlorobenzene, and hexachlorobutadien.