BIOTROPRegional Centre for Tropical Biology, Indonesia
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When the first research programms of BIOTROP reach some appreciable first results and the activities carried out for science and teaching improvement, in primary and secondary schools, have shown progressive improvement, higher education curricula will be also established.
This is also the reason why, at BIOTROP, Research and Teaching have to be equally valorated and need to be considered complentary activities or aspects of the same purpose and task.
In order to enhance teaching and research quality, but also for the optimization of the operative efficiency of each BIOTROP Unit and of the Network as a whole, it will be necessary to maintain a permanent information exchange and an effective operative collaboration between the Teaching and Research Unities of BIOTROP and between each of these Unities and the regional Educational Institutions of the network.
Duellman, Director del Progama BIOTROP, Universidad de Kansas, Laurence, USA, por el apoyo brindado en Cuzco Amazonico.