BIOTSBest Interest of the Service (US Navy discharge)
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Parameter Value Poisson ratio 0.2 Young's modulus 40 GPa Maximum horizontal 40 MPa (5800 psi) stress Minimum horizontal 37.9 MPa (5500 psi) stress Wellbore pressure 6.89 MPa (1000 psi) ([P.sub.w]) Initial reservoir 37.9 MPa (5500 psi) pressure (Pi) Fluid bulk module 2.5 GPa ([K.sub.f]) Fluid compressibility 1.0 x [10.sup.-5] [Pa.sup.-1] Biot's coefficient 1.0 Fluid viscosity 3 x [10.sup.-4] Pa x s Matrix permeability 9.869 x [10.sup.-18] [m.sup.2] (0.01 md) Wellbore radius 0.1m Reservoir outer radius 1000 m Table 2: Case study input data.
Tie in a thin piece of black dry-fly foam directly on top of the last wrap of goose biot.
Rd = 4[sigma]*[T.sup.3.sub.[infinity]]/k*[k.sub.1] is the radiation parameter, Ec = [u.sub.W.sup.2] /[c.sub.p]([T.sub.f] - [T.sub.[infinity]])is denoted as the Eckert number and [lambda] = 2v/[ak.sub.0](n + 1) is the porosity parameter, [[gamma].sub.1] = ([h.sub.1]/k) [square root of a(n + 1)x(n - 1)/2v], [[gamma].sub.1] = ([h.sub.2]/[D.sub.B]) [square root of a(n + 1) [x.sup.(n - 1)]/2v] are define as the Biot numbers, where [[gamma].sub.1], [[gamma].sub.2] are denoted as the heat and mass transfer Biot numbers respectively.
(51) One writer has opined that "a sea of blue tarps on houses with missing roofs will remain as FEMA's response signature." See SEMP Biot #241, The Incredible Shrinking FEMA, available at [], visited Aug.