BIOZBezpieczenstwa I Ochrony Zdrowia (Polish: Information and Plan for Health and Safety)
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Dr Karin Lachmi, co-founder and chief scientific officer of Bioz, said, 'We are very proud to have Professor Alon Halevy as a distinguished member of the Bioz Advisory Board.
CO and SVR were measured using the noninvasive hemodynamic parameter of (CardioDynamics Company).
Perry, CardioDynamics CEO." Our sales growth in the first quarter was driven by 12 percent growth in the sensor business and 12 percent growth in BioZ System sales and this resulted in 19 percent overall growth in U.S.
The BioZ is a heart technology breakthrough that provides physicians safe and cost-effective access to vital heart data that assists physicians to identify underlying cardiovascular disorder, assess and diagnose, customize and target treatment, and monitor the effectiveness of prescribed medications.
In March, CardioDynamics entered into an alliance with Heart-Lung Associates of America, Hawthorne, NJ) in which CardioDynamics would provide its BioZ cardiography technology to dialysis centers that utilize the cardiology, diagnostic and disease management services of HLAA.
The company credited the significant increase in third quarter sales to the continued success and expansion of its domestic sales force and international distributor network, important validation of the BioZ's technology resulting from its strategic alliance with GE Marquette, and growing recognition of the contribution its products are making in the treatment of congestive heart failure patients.
Dr Lachmi founded Bioz to accelerate scientific research and drug discovery.
The CONTROL Study will attempt to demonstrate that even greater than 70 percent improvements in BP control rates can be achieved when BioZ ICG data is utilized in a generalist physician practice treating more routine hypertension.
Additionally, the company continued its investment in ongoing and new clinical studies, product refinements, and product research and development, including the recently announced Z Xport(TM) and BioZ.sim(TM) products.
This order, together with our recent multi-unit BioZ sales to Brooke Army Medical Center and Veterans Administration hospitals, reinforces the adoption and acceptance of our proprietary technology by government agencies.
(NASDAQ:CDIC), San Diego, Calif., a noninvasive digital cardiac output monitoring manufacturer, has received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health (MOH) to begin marketing the company's BioZ System, throughout Japan.