BIPDBodily Injury and Property Damage (insurance)
BIPDBahrain Institute for Political Development
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On behalf of BIPD members, Al-Romaihi extended deepest thanks and appreciation to HM the King, commending the royal directives to continue developing the think tank and strengthening its role in bolstering national work and honing political competences so that they could contribute to their country's bright future.
The 24 firms in the sample represent 22 percent of the 111 firms that sold BIPD insurance in Alberta in 1981.
Concluding his statement, the Minister of Information and Parliament Affairs commended the role of BIPD led by its board of trustees Chairman, Nabil bin Yaqoub Al Hamer, and the efforts of Dr.
Through this symposium, BIPD wants to alert the public of some candidates who exploit voters' needs to impact their electoral choices as well as to look into the legal ways to confront such conduct," he said.
Al Alawi expressed BIPD keenness to contribute in building the capacities of young people to be able to influence and convince the public through a formulated speech that keeps abreast of the requirements of the present time, accommodates the public trends and is based on objective arguments and convictions.
BIPD executive director Dr Yaser Al Alawi said they have received an overwhelming response from potential candidates.
Al-Alawi said the BIPD enjoys the necessary support to carry on its role and responsibilities in the manner which satisfies the ambitions and aspirations of the society to boost the democratic atmospheres in the Kingdom and to optimize its accomplishments.
BIPD to organise workshop for Shura Council members.
Al Azhar University dialogue affairs adviser Dr Shaikh Mahmoud Azab and Lebanese Jfari Court judge Shaikh Marouf Rahal also addressed the event as they were specially invited to be part of the BIPD seminar.
Abdul Jalil Ibrahim Al-Tarif, the Secretary-General of the Shura Council, expressed his pride and appreciation of the BIPD continued efforts to support the parliamentary process in the Kingdom and achieve the objectives of the reform project of His Majesty the King.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed yesterday by Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi and BIPD board of trustees chairman and His Majesty King Hamad's adviser for information affairs Nabeel Al Hamer.
Speaker Ahmed bin Ibrahim Al-Mullah signed the agreement with BIPD Board of Trustees' Chairman Nabeel bin Yacoub Al-Hamer.