BIPDBahrain Institute for Political Development
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BIPD acting chief executive Anwar Ahmed said the course will consist of several awareness lectures to prepare the students for the national duty when they are overseas while ensuring they represent the kingdom in the best possible way.
The Assistant Foreign Minister commended the role of BIPD in promoting the culture of democracy and supporting democratic principles as well providing training programs and studies in the constitutional and law fields.
A conscious and enlightened media discourse is crucial in tackling terrorism and its ideology," Al Romaihi, the BIPD chairman, said.
Al Hamar, who is BIPD's chairman, also encouraged all political societies to take part in the upcoming elections.
The BIPD Board of Trustees was also informed about functions to be carried out by the institute in the next phase in cooperation with national institutions and non-government organisations to serve the goals of the reform project of His Majesty the King.
"The app is the latest in BIPD's election programme, an ambitious one, which we are optimistic about," said BIPD acting chief executive Anwar Ahmed to the GDN.
The training, which consists of three phases and is free to potential candidates, will run until September 27 at the BIPD's Mahooz headquarters.
During the meeting, the minister welcomed the BIPD Executive Director, hailing the Institutes role in propagating and developing political awareness and increasing citizens participation in political life.
The statistics was released as part of the BIPD's election training programme which started this week at its Mahooz headquarters.
Description : Bahrain Institute for Political Development - Supporting Political Reform in Partnership with the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD).
Manama, May 5 (BNA): A United Nations delegation has praised the efforts exerted by Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) to strengthen the exercise of democracy in Bahrain.
Meanwhile, the Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) said it would launch training for poll candidates, director of electoral campaigns and work teams taking part in the elections.