BIPDBahrain Institute for Political Development
BIPDBodily Injury and Property Damage (insurance)
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The 24 firms in the sample represent 22 percent of the 111 firms that sold BIPD insurance in Alberta in 1981.
At the moment we are shouldering most of the work related to preparing women for national elections, but years from now, BIPD will be doing all of it - as we just present it with ideas and it tailors the training.
Through this symposium, BIPD wants to alert the public of some candidates who exploit voters' needs to impact their electoral choices as well as to look into the legal ways to confront such conduct," he said.
BIPD Acting Executive Director Anwar Ahmed stressed that the competition aimed to translate the noble goals of the royal reform project in protecting human rights through a comprehensive system of legislation that preserves the rights and dignity of the Bahraini person.
BIPD executive director Dr Yaser Al Alawi said they have received an overwhelming response from potential candidates.
Al Azhar University dialogue affairs adviser Dr Shaikh Mahmoud Azab and Lebanese Jfari Court judge Shaikh Marouf Rahal also addressed the event as they were specially invited to be part of the BIPD seminar.
11 (BNA): Information Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi, the Board of Trustees Chairman of Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD), has announced that BIPD will hold on December 6 a conference on the role of the media in fighting terrorism.
A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed yesterday by Municipalities and Urban Planning Affairs Minister Dr Juma Al Ka'abi and BIPD board of trustees chairman and His Majesty King Hamad's adviser for information affairs Nabeel Al Hamer.
The BIPD officials welcomed the UAE delegation, stressing cooperation will the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states and the Arab states in all fields.
The BIPD issued a statement on the occasion of parliamentary run-off elections which coincide with the 10th anniversary of the first epoch-making free elections conducted as part of the reform project initiated by His Majesty King Hamad.
BIPD Acting CEO Anwar Ahmed said the State of Law Programme translates HRH Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa's vision of "Our majlises, out schools.
BIPD said its submission reflects commitment to national responsibility to end repercussions of last year's events.