BIPEBureau d'Informations et de Prévisions Économiques (French: Office of Information and Economic Forecasts)
BIPEBibliography of Indonesian Politics and the Economy (Australia)
BIPEBody Image Peer Education (Towson University; Maryland)
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This was carried out by BIPE Consultants during the second half of 1998.
New records of insular distribution of four reptiles from northwestern Mexico are provided: Anniella pulchra (Todos Santos Norte island), Phyllodactylus homolepidurus, (Farallon de San Ignacio island), Bipes biporus (Magdalena island) and Chilomeniscus stramineus (Santa Margarita island).
Boethius' similar definition is, as one might expect in a work entitled Philosophiae consolatio, more succinct and less positive, but he too emphasizes our bipedality: "homo est animal bipes rationale.