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Column Graph: French Market for Environmental Control and Measurement Equipment ($m) 1998 1999 2000 Water 65.59 66.38 68.37 Air 49.40 52.85 57.08 Data source: BIPE
Source: Wild Cards: A Multinational Perspective, prepared by The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (Denmark), the Institute for the Future (United States), and Bipe Conseil (France).
bipes) distant from "Peridinium" umbonatum (Saldarriaga and others 2004).
The Amphisbaenia are a sub-order of Squamata, characterized by fossorial habits, absence of limbs (except for Bipes) elongated body, and a unique ring-like arrangement of body scale rows (Gans, 1978).
New records of insular distribution of four reptiles from northwestern Mexico are provided: Anniella pulchra (Todos Santos Norte island), Phyllodactylus homolepidurus, (Farallon de San Ignacio island), Bipes biporus (Magdalena island) and Chilomeniscus stramineus (Santa Margarita island).
Vidi bipedem super tripodem sedentem, cecidit bipes, corruit tripes.
A variant of the riddle found in Paris BN lat 2796 illustrates the point: "Vidi pipedem [bipedem] sedentem super tripedem; cecidit tripes corruit bipes." This version of the riddle accords with Garrison's solution much better in that the order of the final two clauses of the riddle is reversed.
(10) The kingdom is thus a tripes or tripod upon which the king, a bipes, is enthroned.
(18) In this instance, however, I would argue that bipes is the king, and the tripodem on which he sits is his throne, his stol, supported by the "three" orders that comprise and support the good Christian nation.