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BIPODBeirut International Platform of Dance (Lebanon)
BIPODBulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot (Australia)
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I also did what I considered a valid counter-sniper test by firing an entire 10-round magazine prone off of the bipod at a silhouette target placed at 300 yards.
I carry a set of short legs on the rifle and a set of sitting-length bipod legs (an additional 9 ounces) in my hunting pack.
Mostly they had bipods and were intended for prone firing, although when hung over the gunners' shoulders by heavy-duty slings, they could be used for "marching fire.
The A2-style pistol grip is comfortable, and combined with the bipod, it provides a secure platform for accurate bench shooting.
A Harris HBLMS bipod is fitted with a LaRue throw lever mount.
The M326 provides a powered assist in rapidly emplacing and displacing the complete M120 mortar system (tube, baseplate, bipod and fire control) from the M1101 trailer.
Anderson and McDonald were found guilty of having three machine guns, a bipod, telescopic sight, ammo and flares stolen from Catterick barracks in North Yorkshire.
The weapon can be used in the handheld mode and also with a baseplate and bipod to achieve greater accuracy and a sustained rate of fire.
Bipod ramps - the source of the chunk that hit Columbia in 2003- have been ditched.
The bipod fitting--a part of the ET that attaches the tank to the orbiter has been redesigned to use heaters instead of foam to prevent the buildup of ice.
As soon as I saw that Kansas address, I knew the reason for the bipod on the custom MKII.