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BIPODBeirut International Platform of Dance (Lebanon)
BIPODBulk Issue Petrol and Oil Depot (Australia)
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For the remaining 5 percent, when the shooter puts an asymmetric load on the bipod or slings up tightly, the Mk2 will continue to hit the point of aim when others will not.
Some, like bipods, typically attach to the rifle, most commonly in conjunction with the forward sling swivel stud.
"After 15 years of work, perseverance and effort, we are proud of the achievements of the festival, its great contribution to establishing and developing a contemporary dance scene in Lebanon with a wide and strong international presence," BIPOD Artistic Director Mia Habis said at a recent news conference.
Ramdya said that faster bipod gaits could mean that hexapod robots might be able to more quickly survey a disaster area or deliver packages to customers.
The Takedown model comes with a hard-sided plastic case with foam cutouts for the barrel, magazine, receiver and bipod, and the hard case is only slightly larger than a standard pistol case, so it's easy to transport and store.
By moving the FCS to the bipod, there will be less force exerted on the system, which in turn will improve accuracy.
The M326 provides a powered assist in rapidly emplacing and displacing the complete M120 mortar system (tube, baseplate, bipod and fire control) from the M1101 trailer.
Anderson and McDonald were found guilty of having three machine guns, a bipod, telescopic sight, ammo and flares stolen from Catterick barracks in North Yorkshire.
2) I pissed on the barrel but not on the bipod? 3) Mossa McCaf?
The weapon can be used in the handheld mode and also with a baseplate and bipod to achieve greater accuracy and a sustained rate of fire.
Bipod ramps - the source of the chunk that hit Columbia in 2003- have been ditched.