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BIPSBillion Instructions Per Second
BIPSBank Internet Payment System
BIPSBritish Institute of Persian Studies
BIPSBayesian Inference for the Physical Sciences
BIPSByggeri, Informationsteknologi, Produktivitet, Samarbejde (Danish: self-governing association for sharing information within construction)
BIPSBarium Impregnated Polyethylene Spheres (veterinary medicine)
BIPSBrayton Isotope Power System
BIPSBoard for International Professional Standards (International Code Council)
BIPSBackup Impact Prediction System
BIPSBernsen's International Press Service
BIPSBattlefield Imaging Projectile System
BIPSBasic Interpersonal Skills
BIPSBusiness Interruption Protection Services (Capital Continuity; UK)
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5-mm-diameter BIPS to determine if and when the particles would pass through specific segments of the bird's GI system (proventriculus, ventriculus, proximal small intestines, and distal large intestine-cloaca), and predict when all of the BIPS should have passed into the distal large intestine-cloaca.
5-mm BIPS administered by 1 of 5 different methods to determine a suitable method of administration for this study.
Clients have priced over $1 billion in unique commercial mortgages via BIPS since we launched in February.
The Trinium Nine Series delivers 262 MIPS (million instructions per second) per instruction processor, and performs at nearly 3 BIPS when configured with 16 instruction processors, fulfilling Hitachi's statement of intent issued last February, and making it the world's most powerful commercial enterprise server.
When a customer decides to pay his invoice, he accesses the BIPS interface and fills in the data necessary to instruct Mellon Bank to debit his account at his bank and to credit PP&L's account at Mellon Bank.
The BIPS method allows PP&L's customers to retain control of the payment process; they specify the dollar amount of the payment and the date that the debit to their account will take place.
The company has unveiled total return alternatives to Satrix s and Stanlib s SWIX 40 index trackers, Investec s government fixed-rate bond index tracker, and BIPS s government inflation-linked bond tracker.
With peak execution rates up to 2 BIPS, the top-performing Alpha 21164-500MHz chip pushes the performance envelope for file server applications and visual computing applications such as video conferencing, 3-D modeling, video editing, multimedia authoring, image rendering, and animation, as well as many Windows business productivity applications.
The client/server configuration included seven 300MHz AlphaServer 8400 5/300 systems driven by the world's fastest and first BIPS (billion instructions per second) microprocessor -- the Alpha 21164.