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BIPSBillion Instructions Per Second
BIPSBank Internet Payment System
BIPSBritish Institute of Persian Studies
BIPSBayesian Inference for the Physical Sciences
BIPSByggeri, Informationsteknologi, Produktivitet, Samarbejde (Danish: self-governing association for sharing information within construction)
BIPSBarium Impregnated Polyethylene Spheres (veterinary medicine)
BIPSBrayton Isotope Power System
BIPSBoard for International Professional Standards (International Code Council)
BIPSBackup Impact Prediction System
BIPSBernsen's International Press Service
BIPSBattlefield Imaging Projectile System
BIPSBasic Interpersonal Skills
BIPSBusiness Interruption Protection Services (Capital Continuity; UK)
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BIPS is moving to a database that will allow more stability and greater numbers of estates to he tracked, as well as planning a Web-based version of BIPS.
Zsofi Teleky, Managing Director Europe of BIPS, stated "After analyzing various providers we have chosen to implement FundsTech Corp's solution into our marketplace.
Under the terms of the investment, Cash Technologies has issued 200 shares of its Series M Convertible Preferred Stock (the "Preferred Stock") to BIPS in exchange for 10% of the outstanding shares of BIPS (the "BIPS Shares").
BIPS will also automatically adjust loan calculations that fall outside secondary commercial mortgage market standards.
BIPS focuses on business-to-business transactions, enabling payment instructions to be communicated via the Internet to the automated clearing house (ACH) or wire transfer systems at banks.
In October of last year, Hitachi began shipping the highly successful Skyline Trinium Eight Series -- the first server to break the 2 BIPS (billion instructions per second) barrier -- and now Hitachi is first again with the new Trinium Nine Series, the only server on the planet to produce performance approaching the 3 BIPS barrier.
industry's fastest and only BIPS (billion instructions per second)
Mellon's demonstration builds on a previous BIPS prototype by Illinois-based Glenview State Bank in which Glenview received payment instructions from a corporate customer over the Internet.
The new AlphaServer 8400 enterprise server and AlphaServer 8200 departmental server are the first to use the record-breaking BIPS (Billion Instructions Per Second) chip from Digital.