BIPTBelgisch Instituut voor Postdiensten en Telecommunicatie (Dutch: Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunication)
BIPTBeijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (China)
BIPTBelgian Institute for Posts and Telecommunications (regulator)
BIPTBelgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunications Services
BIPTBaseline Integrated Process Team
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Indian news outlet, the Statesman, reported that Taiwanese officials in India had 'very intense negotiations' in preliminary discussions with Indian officials on the possibility of a BIPT, which would boost bilateral trade and commercial links.
Figure 1--Evolution and composition of sold multiple play offers 2009 2010 2011 Fixed voice-fixed broadband-TV 516 915 1226 Fixed broadband-TV 422 450 480 Fixed voice-TV 53 101 145 Fixed voice-fixed broadband-Mobile voice-TV 13 46 79 Fixed voice-fixed broadband 269 306 280 Other 18 33 64 2012 2013 Fixed voice-fixed broadband-TV 1472 1547 Fixed broadband-TV 539 511 Fixed voice-TV 198 208 Fixed voice-fixed broadband-Mobile voice-TV 109 176 Fixed voice-fixed broadband 226 227 Other 81 101 Source: BIPT, "Situation du secteur 2013" Note: Table made from bar graph.
(9) Furthermore, the incumbent has appealed against almost all of BIPT's decisions and cases get held up in the Court of Appeal or in some cases at the Competition Council for a relatively long time given the dynamic nature of the sector.
In its letter, the Commission notes that the wholesale line rental obligation, which was imposed on Belgacom by BIPT in 2006 and which allows alternative operators to use Belgacom's networks, has not been implemented so far.
Society of Indexers (SI) Book Indexing Postal Tutorials (BIPT) email Skillset
Local sector regulator BIPT said on Tuesday the company has not informed its customers that they might cancel contracts free of charge due to a fee hike in February despite the law requirements that this must be done.
The ERG also agreed unanimously to appoint Mrs R Hagman, Head of the Finnish regulatory authority FICORA as Vice-Chairman up to June 30, 2003, and Mr Van Heesvelde, Head of the Belgian regulatory authority BIPT, as Vice-Chairman from July 1, 2003.
In order to be able to exercise its powers to control wholesale tariffs for regulated access products (single or "one-time fees"), it is necessary for bipt to approve new, lower cost models.
In this agreement, a mechanism is put in place concerning the coordination of radio frequencies in question: a community wishing to make a modification to its own part of the national plan must submit a request for coordination with the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT), which carries out the coordination procedure.
The regulator of the postal and telecommunications services (BIPT) calls on the incumbent operator, Belgacom, to submit concrete proposals for local loop unbundling.
: In order to exercise its powers to control the "fair" nature of wholesale prices for regulated access products, Bipt wishes to have a new bottom-up cost model capable of representing on the one hand, And the ftth network of an efficient operator on the other, And to determine wholesale prices associated with the provision of regulated access services.
2017 / ms / mde / ftth & Cablecostmodels open procedure with european advertising on behalf of the belgian institute for postal services and telecommunications (bipt) with the aim of developing cost models for wholesale access to the proximus ftth network and cable operators~ networks.