BIPTBelgisch Instituut voor Postdiensten en Telecommunicatie (Dutch: Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunication)
BIPTBeijing Institute of Petrochemical Technology (China)
BIPTBelgian Institute for Posts and Telecommunications (regulator)
BIPTBelgian Institute of Postal and Telecommunications Services
BIPTBaseline Integrated Process Team
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BIPT is unable to impose periodic penalties to ensure compliance, to suspend an introduction of an offer until the ex ante obligations are fulfilled and is tied up by a strict confidentiality law.
In its letter, the Commission notes that the wholesale line rental obligation, which was imposed on Belgacom by BIPT in 2006 and which allows alternative operators to use Belgacom's networks, has not been implemented so far.
In its review, the Belgian regulator has unearthed that Belgium has become more costly than its neighboring nations, chiefly due to a reduction in prices in its neighbors, according to the BIPT.
Today the BIPT published the latest edition of its Atlas on its website, showing the mobile network coverage since the start of January 2016.
The CRC is a coordinating committee for regulating electronic communications services, which includes the telecom regulator BIPT and the media regulators for the Dutch, French and German language communities in Belgium.
BIPT has announced the redevelopment of the tariffs Belgacom must charge for operators offering internet and television services.
The Commission considers that these elements limit the independence of the BIPT when implementing EU telecom rules and that this can have negative consequences for competition in the sector.
The division of frequencies is being changed by BIPT in the 1,800 MHz band.
EUR 403,000 has been charged to Belgacom from Belgian regulator BIPT for violating obligations of transparency.