BIRADBreast Imaging-Reporting and Data System
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Author Shri Birad Rajaram, on the other hand, will give a talk focusing on the themes and values of peace and truth, which were examined in his book Exploring the Life of the Mahatma.
The other Bohol swim champs were Kay Liezlie Paredes in the girls' 12-under 50m breast and 200m breast, Jess Kenneth Omac in the boys' 11-12 400m free and 200m free, and Aseniero in the boy's 13-15 50m breast and 200m breast, Zean Angelo Plateros in the boys' 11-12 200m backstroke, Jan Nino Rosales in the boys' 11-12 200m fly and Birad in the boys' 13-15 100m free.
De las 82 mujeres que accedieron a participar en la investigacion, 12 quedaron excluidas del presente analisis por tener un diagnostico mamografico BIRAD 3 (requieren estudios ulteriores para descartar patologia mamaria).
This is the most authentic collection you will find anywhere," Rajendra Bhatt, director of Publications India, said after presenting a pen drive collection of 100 volumes to Birad Rajaram Yajnik, the author of 'Exploring the Life of the Mahatma'.
Muestra: En este trabajo se han evaluado a105 mujeres residentes en el area 8 de la Comunidad de Madrid, con edades comprendidas entre 50-69 anos cuya mamografia ha sido catalogada como BIRAD 3, es decir el resultado de dicha exploracion es probablemente benigno, pero requiere seguimiento a corto plazo (seis meses despues de la realizacion de la mamografia de cribado).
Pawar, whose books Elanmaal and Birad reflect his moorings in the Dalit society spoke of the sole reason he completed his education -- the one meal that he was offered in school.
Capello's Web site ( explains radiological terms such as the BIRAD scale, gives an overview of studies related to detection, and brings it all home with women's personal stories.
Tenders are invited for item no 58 construction of roof top rain water harvesting structure at gups koshal singh ka bera village birad nagar kh no 1499 panchayat samity shergarh sub dn.
for Proposed New 33 KV Line under Gneral SSTD Scheme at Bairad under Bairad-I D/c and 132 KV Birad S/s to Bhatnawar under Pohari-II D/c under OnM Dn.
BIRADS category was assigned to every breast lesion based on mammography & USG.
Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS) categorizes 4 types of asymmetric breast findings: Asymmetric breast tissue; densities seen in one projection; architectural distortion; and focal asymmetric densities.
To promote uniformity and standardization of mammographic interpretation, American College of Radiology and other international organizations, with mutual consensus, have Recently adopted and recommended universal implementation of breast imaging reporting and data system (BIRADS).