BIRCBioinformatics Research Centre
BIRCBio-Integral Resource Center
BIRCBiomedicinal Information Research Center (Japan)
BIRCBritish Indoor Rowing Championship (Concept 2; UK)
BIRCBiological Information Research Center (Japan)
BIRCBusiness Innovation Research Center (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
BIRCBiomedical Imaging Research Center (University of Fukui; Michigan State University)
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Results demonstrated a statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvement in median PFS by BIRC for patients taking Zykadia versus chemotherapy (HR 0.
BIRC will focus on the Vietnamese and Thai languages in the initial phase.
At the BIRC, races go on throughout the day with competitors from different categories racing up to 2,000m in the quickest possible time.
49, 41 seconds down on BIRC team-mate Jack Beaumont from Maidenhead in pole position.
The BIRC is the UK's biggest mass participation indoor sporting event with up to 3,000 enthusiasts aged 10-95 taking part.
Here are some tips from BIRC and the book Tiny Game Hunting to help you manage (i.