BIRCBioinformatics Research Centre
BIRCBio-Integral Resource Center
BIRCBiomedicinal Information Research Center (Japan)
BIRCBritish Indoor Rowing Championship (Concept 2; UK)
BIRCBiological Information Research Center (Japan)
BIRCBusiness Innovation Research Center (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)
BIRCBiomedical Imaging Research Center (University of Fukui; Michigan State University)
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To measure the expression levels of apoptosis-related genes, cDNA samples were mixed with [RT.sup.2] qPCR primers (BCL-2, BAX, CAS3, CAS9, P53, BIRC and PPIA), [RT.sup.2] SYBR Green qPCR mastermix, and expression was performed using the qRT-PCR device under the conditions of hold 95[degrees]C 15 min, cycle 95[degrees]C 15 sec and 60[degrees]C 30 sec, for 40 cycles.
BIRC's initial research focus will involve foundational Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies for Southeast Asian languages.
Scallop spat were obtained from a commercial hatchery (Queensland Sea Scallops Ltd.) and transported in 20-L carboys with aeration to the Bribie Island Research Center (BIRC).
"Key Findings from the Barrier Immune Radio Communications (BIRC) Project." Webcast presented as part of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Environmental Energy Technologies Division Seminar Series.
Where infestations require treatment, follow least-toxic practices (see,
The site data will be accessible via a web-operated system as part of Environment Canada's Benthic Invertebrate Reference Condition (BIRC) system.
It works every part of your body from your toes to your fingertips." Such has been the popularity of the sport ( the BIRC is the largest mass participation sports event in the UK ( the timetable has had to be increased to accommodate extra entrants.
The contract was signed with the Biological Information Research Center (BIRC) of Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
Boris Blumberg is an Assistant Professor in the section Organization at Maastricht University and a senior researcher at the Business Investment Research Centre (BIRC), also at Maastricht University.
The Bio-Integral Research Center (BIRC) provides information on nontoxic and least-toxic pest control strategies through a number of publications, including the IPM Practitioner and Common Sense Pest Control.
Lewis & Associates Inc., construction company BIRC Inc.