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BIRD DOGFBI Surveillance Aircraft
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Springer spaniels are the best upland flushing bird dog, bar none.
Bird dogs have the annoying tendency to injure themselves outside the time frame of regular business hours.
"You get the pick of the litter and you got yourself a pretty good bird dog. Well, we've got the pick of every donor civilization on the planet," King had said.
is a bird dog, and his nose tells him something is amiss even before the box bursts open and a brown fur ball zooms by him, leaking all over the place.
Marine Observation Squadron 6 flew OY Sentinel and OE Bird Dog observation aircraft, TBM Avengers and HTL and HO5S helicopters, while Marine Helicopter Transport Squadron 161 operated HRS and H05S helicopters for troop lift, supply delivery, medevacs and recovery of downed pilots.
Of course, the pins are made with a little dimple in the middle so you can engage them with anything from the tongue of the buckle from your bird dog's collar, to the leather punch on a Swiss Army knife.
The folks on the receiving end of this sales largesse were called "bird dogs" and the money was often called a "bird dog fee." Commercial and professional firms commonly "bird dogged" for one another until someone during the 1970s coined the term "networking" to replace it.
So I told Rankin, 'The dog you gave me has a great nose, and he really loves to hunt, but he's real mean.' He told me, 'Charlie, you gotta remember that no one gives you a good bird dog.' That's a lesson I never forgot."
He also invited good friend and bird dog trainer David Jenkins of DD Kennels in Raymond, IL to guide our hunt.
It has definitely been an experience trying to teach a bird dog that she has to discern the difference between birds that she is allowed to hunt and those she has to leave alone.
Denton, TX, January 09, 2014 --( Bird dog lovers from all over the United States are planning a Jamboree in Madison, FL on the dates of March 7-9, 2014.
Bird Dog defies the stats The longest-priced winner of the day was 50-1 chance Bird Dog, who defied a stat dating back to 2006 to land the 6f maiden.