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BIRGBiologically Inspired Robotics Group
BIRGBasking in Reflected Glory (social identity theory)
BIRGBibliometric and Informetric Research Group (Australia)
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For example, Birg said, the company's new Palma collection will give specialty retailers a patio grouping that will start retailing at price points where a mass retailer usually tops out.
While Birg noted that the bulk of action is in the $299 to $599 range, he acknowledged that there has been a shift.
High-involvement (die-hard) fans are more likely to BIRG and CORF regardless of sex or favorite team type.
2001), suggesting an attempt to publicly BIRG with an overall successful team.
The authors present explanations for their findings in terms of both supply and demand, citing increased worker productivity and raised consumption levels due to some form of the BIRG effect.
Yet while taking account of classic theories, Herwig Birg stresses the novelty of low reproductive rates in contemporary Germany and Europe.
Professor Herwig Birg at the University of Bielefeld estimates the number of 80-year-olds in Germany will triple by 2050, and the number of centenarians will rise by seven times over the same period.
At the Boutique division of Grosfillex, film tops on resin tables to add color and different looks, including marble, tile and wood, are the latest looks, noted Mike Birg, director of specialty retail furniture.
CHICAGO -- Huron Consulting Group (NASDAQ: HURN), a leading provider of business consulting services, today announced that Gerri Birg, Sandra Dodds, Michael Gladson, Neera Gupta, Michael Kemper, Jason Moebius, Scott Pillittere and Joe Sneddon have been promoted from director to the role of managing director.
Identifying with winners: A re-examination of sport fans tendency to BIRG.
Vestris G, Rolain JM, Fournier PE, Birg ML, Enea M, Patrice JY, et al.