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BIRGBiologically Inspired Robotics Group
BIRGBasking in Reflected Glory (social identity theory)
BIRGBibliometric and Informetric Research Group (Australia)
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Birg, Herwig (2015), Die alternde Republik und das Versagen der Politik.
The authors present explanations for their findings in terms of both supply and demand, citing increased worker productivity and raised consumption levels due to some form of the BIRG effect.
Grigory Birg, an analyst from Investcafe, told RIA Novosti that the Transneft's statement did not mean that the project was frozen.
Marketers and social psychologists even have an acronym for it: BIRG, for Basking In Reflected Glory.
SILUERTIP 1,124 1,236 S&W 2.75" 7.5" RUGER BLRCHHRWR .41 BIRG. SPEER 210 GR.
The flood water enter in fields in Thatti Baloch, Garfi Gilla, Birg Chima and birj Thalla.
Do positive historical accounts lead us to "bask in the reflected glory" (BIRG) (Cialdini 1976) of our nations, enhancing our patriotism?
Perceptions of sport fans who BIRG. International Sports Journal, 7(1), 139-149.
``This deal is a mix of business, social responsibility and internal politics,COCO said Semyon Birg, fund manager with Alfa Capital in Moscow.
See Evelyn Birg Vitz, Medieval Narrative and Modern Narratology: Subjects and Objects of Desire (New York: New York U P, 1989), 2.
Yet while taking account of classic theories, Herwig Birg stresses the novelty of low reproductive rates in contemporary Germany and Europe.