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BIRGBiologically Inspired Robotics Group
BIRGBasking in Reflected Glory (social identity theory)
BIRGBibliometric and Informetric Research Group (Australia)
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In the context of the BIRG effect, the expectation is that persons will only engage in basking behavior when the basking object is likely to be known to others (Cialdini et al, 1976; Cialdini & De Nicholas, 1989).
Whichever way one decides to categorise it, however, we believe that politicians also are conscious of the potential for sport success (and failure) to impact the national psyche, and endeavour to BIRG of sporting success for their own political gain.
Birg recognizes that it is already too late to avert a downturn.
Raoult D, Birg M, La Scola B, Fournier P, Enea M, Lepidi H, et al.
Forest green is our specialty color while hunter green is our mass retail color," explained Michael Birg, director of sales for Grosfillex Boutique.
Vestris G, Rolain JM, Fournier PE, Birg ML, Enea M, Patrice JY, et al.
Regarding highly identified sport fans, Wann and Branscombe (1990) found that fans possessing a strong identification with their favorite team were more likely to BIRG and less likely to CORF for long periods of time as compared to fans possessing a weak identification with their favorite team.
As End (2001) suggested, "the tendency to BIRG may be the result of fans perceiving that others will view them as being successful as a consequence of their association with a successful team.
Raoult D, Birg ML, La SB, Fournier PE, Enea M, Lepidi H, et al.
Fans will either BIRG or CORF depending on the outcome of a sporting event: wins lead to BIRGing and losses lead to CORFing.
The BIRG effect refers to an individual's inclination to share in the glory of a successful other with whom they are in some way associated (Cialdini et al.