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BIRLBasic Industry Research Laboratory (US DOE)
BIRLBeneficial Insects Research Laboratory (USDA)
BIRLBio-Imaging Research Laboratory (University of Colorado)
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A vibrant African-American presence in the all-singing, all-dancing, nearly all-white secretarial pool of World Wide Wickets, Birl brings her high kicks, flexible back, and buoyant good humor to the story of the ambitious young windowwasher who flatters his way to the top of the corporate ladder.
So far, most of the BIRL work has been an effort to determine processing parameters and examine the possibility of pulverizing unsorted, commingled, post-consumer plastics, but Khait reports that the next phase is to commercialize the SSSE technology.
Even modifications of monolithic materials are part of the materials revolution, according to BIRL's Fessler.
The first BIRL UBM system consisted of two vertical UBM targets 280 mm apart.
Fessler gives the example of an electroplating group that came to BIRL a few years ago because their disposal machinery, which was supposed to reduce the volume of rinse wastes before treatment, wasn't working.
Much can be taken from the titles of the six opening episodes - 'Feart', 'Birl', 'Winch', 'Choob', 'Dug', and 'Dunk'.
It's enough to make big Jock Wallace birl in his grave...