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BIROBlack Isle Rock Orchestra (band; Scotland, UK)
BIROBusiness Intelligence Report
BIROBritish International Rowing Office (UK)
BIROBinocular Infrared Oculography (clinical evalutations)
BIROBusiness Information Risk Officer (various companies)
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How, then, did she come to meet with Biro in prison?
PEERLESS Biro Which are far better policies than anyone's going to offer at Newark or the general election.
For an overnight charge, Biro can travel about 45 kilometers.
Biro added that they believe that un-predictability might represent a form of behavioural flexibility that facilitates learning, or makes animals un-predictable to predators or competitors.
The flower girls were Eboni Flint, the bridegroom's niece and Chloe Laherty, and the page boy was Callum Biro, the bridegroom's step-brother.
When the news spread that he had been nominated for the honour his customers' first question was whether he would still have the trademark biro behind his ear, he said.
There is nothing out of the ordinary in that apart from the fact that I have written, and still do every letter by hand with a biro.
Bassist Daniel Biro and Dunn are the only two original members of the group, and they are living a dream.
Gregg Thompson and Susanne Biro (Director of Coaching at Bluepoint Leadership Development).
Denaturalizing Ecological Politics: Alienation from Nature from Rousseau to the Frankfurt School and Beyond, by Andrew Biro.
According to John Biro, Operations Manager at Annaco's recycling yard in Akron, Ohio, the switch to SENNEBOGEN "green machines" from its old rail cranes was simply a matter of economics.
THE humble Bic biro is the best example of design under pounds 10, according to a survey for the Design Museum.