BIRPIBureaux Internationaux Reunis pour la Protection de la Propiete Intellectuelle (United International Bureaus for Protection of Intellectual Property)
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As the importance of intellectual property grew, BIRPI moved from Berne, Switzerland to Geneva to be closer to the United Nations.
Professor Gervais defines four stages of development of international copyright conventions: the pre-1883 bilateral phase; the 1883-1971 BIRPI phase (so named for the Bureaux Internationaux Reunis pour la Protection de la Propriete Intellectuelle under which the Paris and Berne Conventions were administered); the 1971-1994 TRIPs phase, which included the signing of the 1971 Paris Act of the Berne Convention and the negotiation of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights; and the now current, post-1994 paradigmatic phase in which new technologies have new challenges.