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BIRSBanff International Research Station (Canada)
BIRSBanca Internazionale per la Ricostruzione e lo Sviluppo (Italian)
BIRSBasic Indexing and Retrieval System
BIRSBattlefield Information Reporting System
BIRSBrain Injury Rehabilitation Services (Australia)
BIRSBusiness Information Research Services
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BIRS has the following goals for funding undergraduate student research: supporting student attraction to and accomplishment in conducting creative and research projects.
BIRS (the Banff International Research Station for Mathematical Innovation and Discovery) was founded in 2003, and held its first conference in December of that year.
The bulky manuscript of the Granth was later moved from Amritsar to Kartarpur and is accordingly known as the Kartarpur Bir (Kartarpur recension).
Each fighter was given a small gratuity of 10,000 Birs (a little less than $2,000 or about 10 months salary) to help them reintegrate into civilian life.
A police spokesman revealed that six Millwall and six home supporters were arrested for public disorder and alcohol-related offences before, during and after the match at St Andrew's, which BirS mingham City won 3-0.
Mark's parent and teacher completed the BIRS following the final consultation interview.
After teaming up with the BirS mingham & Black Country Community Foundation and carefully considering all the applications, the successful groups were selected.
Upon completion of the IRAP, participants were required to complete the six explicit measures, which included four treatment acceptability rating scales (BIRS Reinforcement, BIRS Punishment, TARF-R Reinforcement, TARF-R Punishment), a feeling thermometer, and a Likert scale.
The main works have the interlocking building 4 devices in the freight station Basel, bridge over the Birs southernmost border townships of Bale-Campagne/Bale-Ville the bridge to build Donnerbaum near the bridge Hagnau, pedestrian underpass and docks Way Station 2-4 Muttenz, the new locking device Muttenz to build various buildings and processing and retaining structures / earth.
BIRS Workshop, Women in Numbers (2nd: 2011: Banff, Alberta, Canada) Edited by Chantal David, Matilde Lalin, and Michelle Manes
The impetus for our tackling this problem comes from the 2010 BIRS workshop "Whittaker Functions, Crystal Bases, and Quantum Groups" at which Ben Brubaker asked the first author whether we could discover the deformation of the [B.