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BIRSBanff International Research Station (Canada)
BIRSBritish Institute of Recorded Sound (UK)
BIRSBanca Internazionale per la Ricostruzione e lo Sviluppo (Italian)
BIRSBrigade Incident Reporting System (Australia)
BIRSBasic Indexing and Retrieval System
BIRSBattlefield Information Reporting System
BIRSBrain Injury Rehabilitation Services (Australia)
BIRSBusiness Information Research Services
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de Aro of BIR Antique said that any amount a taxpayer pays to the government, will mean a lot to the revenue and tax collection of BIR which will be used to fund development projects.
The approach showed the best performances in the case of the BIRS index, since no VaR breaks were made at a 99% confidence level over the backtesting period of the 253 days and in the case of the CROBEX index at a 95% confidence level.
Upon completion of the IRAP, participants were required to complete the six explicit measures, which included four treatment acceptability rating scales (BIRS Reinforcement, BIRS Punishment, TARF-R Reinforcement, TARF-R Punishment), a feeling thermometer, and a Likert scale.
The penalties to be slapped on filings not made electronically will be waived, but only if the returns have been re-submitted electronically to the BIRs systems on or before April 30.
There has also been a preference for journals published in English among international BIRSs such as the US-based Thomson Reuters' Web of Science (that includes indexes like the Science Citation Index -SCI-), Scopus from the Dutch Elsevier, and Medline from the US National Library of Medicine.
The 9st teenager was sledging with pal Alex Varley when they heard a man yelling from the lake in Birs tall, Leics.
It is not surprising therefore that the birs of the coat of arms of the Cserehat region is the stork.
The BIRS consists of 24 self-report items rated on a 6-point Likert scale (1 = Strongly disagree; 6 = Strongly agree).
However, until this review, such funding allocations had not been examined to determine if they are actually successful at helping the Honors Program or BIRS achieve their desired goals pertaining to student research and scholarship.
BIRS workshop on Calabi-Yau Varieties and Mirror Symmetry (2003) Ed.
As birs of ane brym bair his berd is als stir, Bot soft and soupill as the silk is his sary lwme.