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BIRUBrain Injury Rehabilitation Unit
BIRUBeneficial Insects Research Unit (United States Department of Agriculture)
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President of ABSU Promod Biru said: "We are very happy because the matter of statehood demand has been taken in the discussion.
On famine relief, see KGU T-1235, "Orenburg dukhovnoe sobranieseneng khokumet tarafinnan birilmish ssudalarni mokhtadzh imamnarga ulaship biru hakindaki tedbirleri.
Besides Aceh, in Patani, another Malay-Muslim polity in what is now southern Thailand, six queens ruled: Raja Ijau (1584-1616), Raja Biru (1616-24), Raja Ungu (1624-35), Raja Kuning (1635-49), Raja Mas Kelantan (1670-98), Raja Mas Chayam (1698-1702, 1716-18).
In 2017, there are two fields with a total production capacity of 600 MMSCFD including Jambaran, Alas Tua, and Tiung Biru 200 MMSCFD and Masela 400 MMSCFD.
Biru the chef at Deo Bagh might as well be superman.
The woman, identified as Tamdrin Tso who had a young son, died after self-immolating in Tongren County of Qinghai Province, while the unidentified man set fire to himself in Biru County of the Tibet Autonomous Region, RFA said.
Truong Biru Lam writes about the fatal toll on farm animals and peasants who used the roads "constructed for the convenience of fast-moving, mechanized, four-wheeled vehicles" (2000, p.
Since 2005, he's served on a multidisciplinary team of zebra chip investigators that includes VFCRL plant pathologist Jim Crosslin; BIRU entomologist John Goolsby; and experts from Washington State University-Pullman, the University of California-Riverside (UCR), Texas AgriLife Research-Weslaco, Northwest A&F University-Yangling, China (NAFU), and MAF BioSecurity New Zealand, among others.
They complained to the Spaniards that they could not go fishing at night because people from the Biru (Peru) area came to fight with them (Jopling 1994).
Student Poster Awards: Jeans Santana, Carla Wilson, Biru Yang