BISACBook Industry Systems Advisory Committee (Book Industry Study Group)
BISACBook Industry Standards and Communications
BISACBook Industry Subject and Category Codes
BISACBangkok International Schools Athletics Conference (Thailand)
BISACBasic Information Systems Acquisition Course (DSMC)
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Around 2012, many public libraries moved from Dewey to BISAC (or some variation thereof) because they felt it suited their collection and their patrons better.
At its July 1991 meeting, BISAC agreed to convene a workshop aimed at standardizing protocols for a more sensitive probe for berylliosis called LTT testing.
Given that the LTT screening was likely to go forward despite its reservations, BISAC provided its input on what information from the screening program should be communicated to Brush Wellman employees.
By July of 1992, the National Institute for Environmental and Health Science (NIEHS) had agreed to join BISAC and the DOE in sponsoring the suggested international conference, but it was not clear that it would be limited to CBD.
BISAC understood that "[i]f techniques could be developed to determine whether an individual is predisposed to CBD it might be possible to prevent the disease by pre-employment screening.
Saltini's work continued to show promising results, BISAC invited him to attend the committee's April 1993 meeting along with representatives from labor unions, DOE, EPA, OSHA, and other beryllium companies.
163) At a January 1999 meeting, BISAC concluded that "[e]thical and legal questions involving confidentiality versus medical consideration of disease prevention leave no clear course of action to be taken at this time.
A second interface enables users to release orders electronically using BISAC or Enriched BISAC, an add-on product developed by Dynix and Brodart.
The most exciting aspect of the Enriched BISAC is that no bibliographic information needs to be entered or updated manually for most of the items a library orders," said Shelley Neville, library systems analyst for Ameritech Library Services.
The TIPS and BISAC interfaces can be used together or independently and were developed through the cooperation of Brodart and Ameritech with the help of their mutual customers.
The libraries have licensed the Acquisitions, Authority Control, Bibliographic and Inventory Control, Circulation, Enhanced Public Access, and Serials Control Modules; the BISAC interface; and X12 software.
It strictly adheres to full MARC standards, as well as X12, SISAC, and BISAC standards.