BISALBirkbeck Studies in Applied Linguistics
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Gandali and Bisal, while outside their cell, took two firearms thatincludean M16 and M14 rifles, a bandolier with ammos that were placed in the adjacent vacant cell.
In addition, Bisal has committed to developing its fleet of industrial air-conditioning and chiller packages for various segments of the country's industrial sector.
La VD posee un seno bisal profundo de unos 30[grados], con 4-5 dientes bisales o ctenolium.
La primera serie de muestras se ocuparon para los analisis de distribucion de agregados en seco (Chepil & Bisal 1943), estabilidad de agregados en agua (Kemper & Rosenau 1986) y determinacion automatica de Carbono total (C-total) en los agregados mediante combustion seca con equipo TOC-5050 (Etchevers et al.
SIGNPOST: The Asian Day Centre has been helping people in the community for a decade and (front, from left) Shabbir Usmani, day centre manager; Lord Mayor Sucha Bains; and Darshan Bisal, day centre chairman, joined other guests to celebrate
Each sweet weighs about 3 grams, and comprises an additional amount of 14% salt (product name: Bisal).
Surface soil moisture is one of the best deterrents to wind erosion (Bisal and Hsieh; Chepil 1956) as particle movement is prevented until evaporation and drainage has removed sufficient moisture to lower soil cohesion and increase susceptibility to entrainment by wind.
Attock Deputy Commissioner Rana Akbar said that the attack took place near Bisal turn.
Tenders are invited for Sitting arrangement at proposed park, Bank of bisal pukur and road side of dogra to kethia khal for green city mission under khirpai municipality
BYRNE Investments Saudi Arabia Limited (BISAL) is part of the Byrne Equipment Rental Group of companies, with nine operational bases spread across the region in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Oman.
Tenders are invited for Construction of fencing east side of bisal pukur in ward no 07 within khirpai municipality under green city mission
Tenders Are Invited For Construction Of Concrete Road From Balambo Baisal To Avinash Kulmethe, Balbo Bisal To Z P School, Vikas Gedam To Forest Chowki At Dewada In Bhadravati Taluka- , District Chandrapur (Thakkarbappa)