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BISAPBedside Index of Severity in Acute Pancreatitis
BISAPBehavioural Inventory of Speech Act Performances
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It is moderately accurate in classifying patients in terms of severity, but has the disadvantage of requiring a full 48 hours to be completed, missing a potentially valuable early therapeutic window.8,11 BISAP score is a newly developed scoring system containing data that can be evaluated at the time of admission which are accurate in predicting patient's outcome within 24 hours.12 The international studies comparing both showed varied results.
The objective of our study was to determine the predictive value of early contrast enhanced CT scan in patients with AP and to compare predictive value of CT severity index with that of BISAP Score.
(11) The new Bedside Index for Severity in AP (BISAP) has been newly-adopted as an accurate means of risk stratification.
The aim is to study the feasibility of utilising BISAP score in identifying and assessing the severity of acute pancreatitis and in prediction the morbidity and mortality as early as possible, so that early intensive therapy can be instituted.
The variables that showed the strongest degree of association with LOS were systolic blood pressure (P < 0.0001), BISAP score (P < 0.0001), bicarbonate (P < 0.0001), creatinine (P <0.0001), BUN (P <0.0001), heart rate (P = 0.0005), and hematocrit (P = 0.0005).
(6); this level was found to correlate very well with other scores, including BISAP, HAPS, and SIRS results.
Multiparametric scores such as APACHE II score and BISAP score are essential for clinical trials but have obvious disadvantages that prevent their practical use in daily routine.
suggest that BISAP score may be a valuable source for risk stratification and prognostic prediction in Chinese patients with AP compared with APACHE II and the Ranson scoring system.
Common scoring systems include Ranson, Glasgow, the APACHE II, and BISAP (bedside index for severity in AP) (7,14,22,23).