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"We are honoured to receive this award from Global Business Outlook in recognition of our efforts to invest in digital technology and innovation to meet customer needs," said BisB chief executive Hassan Jarrar.
Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) sees it as its core responsibility to help drive the industry's digital evolution while elevating the living standards of the nation as a result.
Since taking over the leadership of BisB, Jarrar has dedicated his efforts to enhance BisB's position in the finance industry; he has successfully established noteworthy partnerships while keeping the bank in tune with the latest industry trends, and driving digitization in order to transform the customer experience and simplify their lives.
BisB, which has made significant investments in Fintech, including a dedication Innovation Lab to explore strategic investments in digital banking, considers this a significant addition to their digital rewards platform and the wide range of options available to customers to enjoy a rewarding banking and shopping experience.
BisB's Credit Card holders will be exempted from paying the Sadeem Card registration fee of BD3, and will be able to refill the card via BisB's online banking platform.
The Dana project is in line with BisB's objective to simplify customers' money matters by enabling them to conduct their daily transactions with the ultimate ease and convenience, the bank said in a statement.
'Simplifying customer experience is a top priority at BisB. Our new digital branch will provide an exceptional digital experience where almost every task is easily accomplished online or via video conferencing,' said the chief executive officer of BisB, Mr.
Bahrain Islamic Bank (BisB) has played a pivotal role in the development of the Islamic banking industry both in Bahrain and internationally.
Key among the Bank's internal initiatives is "The BisB Women in Leadership Programme." Launched in 2018, it provides practical support and platforms to enable women professionals across the Bank to more effectively chart their career paths and achieve their growth and development objectives.
At the same time, Moody's downgraded BIsB's standalone bank financial
This scheme does not apply to businesses engaging in real estate activities, brokerage firms, finance companies, businesses fully or partially owned by employees of BisB or Tamkeen and any establishment that carry on business activities that do not comply with Shari'ah principles.
"MTI's engaged BisB retail banking staff throughout the project -- over 45 management and head office staff were interviewed with structured surveys conducted with the majority of BisB branch staff, detailed interviews with all branch managers and informal conversations with a cross-section of staff and supervisors" said Mr.