BISDBefore I Self Destruct (50 Cent album)
BISDBrownsville Independent School District (Texas)
BISDBrazosport Independent School District (est. 1944; Clute, TX)
BISDBasic Instruments and Selected Documents
BISDBryan Independent School District (Bryan, TX)
BISDBuilt-In Self Diagnosis
BISDBaby-Induced Sleep Deprivation
BISDBuilt-In Stuff Detector (polite form)
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(74.) See Report of the Panel, United States--Measures Affecting the Importation, Internal Sale and Use of Tobacco, 1118, BISD 41S/131 (Oct.
The grant money will provide for advanced science content instruction from university professors and specialists to BISD teachers, who will in turn share the new content with their colleagues throughout the District, strengthening the science content and learning experience for all BISD science students.
Brownsville Herald reports that BISD high school students will research local nonprofits, and award real grants to the ones they think are most deserving.
(68) GATT Panel Report, United States--Export Restrictions (Czechoslovakia), II BISD 28 11/28 (8 June 1949); see World Trade Organization, Guide to GATT Law and Practice--Analytical Index, (World Trade Organization, 6th edn, 1995) 606.
EEC Measures on Animal Feed Proteins (Complaint by the United States) (1977), GATT Doc L/4599, 25th Supp BISD (1978) 49 at para 4.2; Japan--Customs Duties, Taxes and Labelling Practices on Imported Wines and Alcoholic Beverages (Complaint by the European Communities) (1987), GATT Doc L/6216, 34th Supp BISD (1987) 83 at para 5.6.
The BISD is a fast, in its reaction to the signal changes, method for separation of the cardiac and respiratory components.
(20) E.g., Report of the Panel, U.S.--Measures Affecting Tobacco, BISD 41S/131 paras.
The Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) serves one of the most underprivileged student populations in urban America, many of whom come to the district with limited, if any, English skills, especially among the elementary students.
When Stephen Waddell was brought in as superintendent of the Birdville Independent School District (BISD) several years ago, one of his many visions for the district was to create a strong technology platform that students, faculty, parents and the rest of the BISD community could utilize to communicate and gather information.
In the Brownsville Independent School District (BISD) about 98 percent of the 48,400 students are Hispanic, mostly of Mexican descent.
ASKED WHY SHE INTENDS TO increase her district's network bandwidth fivefold this summer--from 20 megabits to 100 megabits--Jennifer Bergland, executive director of technology information for Texas' Bryan Independent School District (BISD), responds with a line that could have come from perhaps any of today's technology administrators: "Because we are teaching the right way to keep our kids engaged."