BISFBritish Iron and Steel Federation
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The firm is backing BISF in conjunction with Don't Quit, Do It, the firm's campaign for raising awareness of disability sport.
ECR = Experiences in Close Relationships Revised; DSBQ = Dysfunctional Sexual Beliefs Questionnaire; SAI = Sexual Anxiety Inventory; BSFQ = Brief Sexual Functioning Questionnaire for men; BISF = Brief Inventory of Sexual Functioning for women; FSDS = Female Sexual Distress Scale (also used in men) Table 2.
In addition, at Beltrami Island State Forest (BISF), where moose had apparently been declining for decades (1971:0.54 moose/ [km.sup.2] - 1996:0.07 moose/[km.sup.2]), Cox et al.
Dubbed "tin town" the BISF houses were initially very cold and uncomfortable, but over the years millions have been spent on them bringing them up to date.
The British effectively cut off semi-finished imports from continental producers through internal organizations supported by the British Iron and Steel Federation (BISF) and through an aggressive commercial policy.
She also gave briefing to members of Balochistan assembly about BISF and announced to launch the survey from Balochistan.