BISMBusiness Intelligence Semantic Model (software)
BISMBlind Industries and Services of Maryland (Baltimore, MD)
BISMBluetooth Intelligent Serial Module
BISMBrent International School, Manila (Philippines)
BISMBusiness Information Systems Management
BISMBachelor of Information System and Management (degree)
BISMBritish International School of Moscow
BISMBusiness Information Security Manager
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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services: The BISM Tabular Model: Microsoft Press.
During the MoA signing, DepEd Secretary Armin Luistro expressed to BISM for being "one of the first organizations to respond to DepEd's reconstruction efforts and call for partnership.
BISM decided to give financial aid to Guiuan schools after seeing a two-minute video posted online showing images of the devastated Guiuan NHS and Lupok CES.
BISM not only produces and delivers more than 150 quality products and services; they are changing the lives of the blind and low-vision people of all ages in the state of Maryland.
Revenues generated through BISM product and service lines directly support their primary mission of rehabilitating the blind of Maryland.
Shafique Ahmad, however, said the words Bism Allah Al Rahman Al Rahim in the Preamble of the constitution would remain intact as the High Court verdict did not say anything about the words and those were part of the Constitution's preamble, not of the "main body".
A voice echoed from the minaret, Bism Allah a rachman a rahim ("In the Name of God the Merciful and Compassionate") and Allah akbar ("God is greater").
If you don't stoap that I'll take my haund aff yer face, ya wee bism ya.
The troops and horses moved overland from Bism arck, west to the Yellowstone River, where they would link up with their resupply ship.
The process works by transforming raw SAP data into a format readily consumed by SQL Server and deploying the transformed data into a Simplement pre-configured and extensible Microsoft-based BISM (BI Semantic Model) in SQL Server 2012, making it possible for business users to explore their SAP data with sub-second response times using Microsoft Excel and Tableau.
The first line of verso is printed bism allah al-rahman al-rahim, "In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.
Two form factors are available: a compact 25 x 35 mm module that is pin-compatible with the BISM Bluetooth module and a larger module that is pin-compatible with Siemens' MC55/56 GPRS modules.