BISNOBrain Injury Services of Northern Ontario (Canada)
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Cellulitis is an inflammation of sub-cutaneous tissue (Ellis 2000; Swartz and Pasternack 2005), that is usually secondary to multiple bacteria's, such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species (Bisno and Stevens 1996; Donahue and Schwartz G 1998; Howe and Jones 2004).
Furthermore, it has been asserted that this orientation has distinguished social work from other service professions by giving it a predominantly activist and hberal approach to professional activity (Bisno, 1952; Cohen, 1958; Howard, 1954).
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intent"); see Bisno, 299 F.2d at 720; see also RESTATEMENT (THIRD)
Bisno - Herbert "Herb" Bisno, 84, of Haslett, Mich., formerly of Eugene, died July 30.
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Many scholars have accused social work education of lagging behind practice and of being in need of reorganization, both conceptually and structurally (Bisno & Cox, 1997; Faherty, 1987; Gambrill, 1997; Hoefer, 1993; Keys & Cupaiuolo, 1987; Neugeboren, 1990; Rimer, 1987).