BISOLBio-Inspired Sensors and Optoelectronics Lab (Northwestern University; Evanston, Illinois)
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Characteristics of PV module * BISOL BMO255 Length 1.649 m Width 0.991 m Nominal power 255 W Maximal power voltage/ 30.7 V / 38.1 V open-circuit voltage Maximal power circuit current/ 8.30 A / 8.90 A short-circuit current Solar cell efficiency 17.5 % Power temperature coefficient -0.4 %/[degrees]C Emissivity coefficients for the 0.91 front PV module surface (glass cover) Emissivity coefficients for the 0.9 back PV module surface * Note: PV module characteristics at solar irradiance of G = 1000 W/[m.sup.2] and [T.sub.a] = 25[degrees]C.
Brazilian scholarship on temperament focuses mainly on maternal childrearing (Malhado & Alvarenga, 2012; Melchiori, Alves, Souza, & Bugliani, 2007) or pathological characteristics related to temperament (Fuscaldo, Bisol, & Lara, 2013; Lara, Ottoni, Brusntein, Frozi, & Bisol, 2012; Mochcovitch, Nardi, & Cardoso, 2012; Tavares & Gentil, 2007).
The wines served were awesome, like, take note, Bisol Prosecco, Masi Pinot Grigio and Masitoar, plus loads of Italian digestifs and liqueurs like amarone, limoncello and sambuca!
BISOL Group obtained ETN (Etude de Technique Nouvelle) certificate which confirms that BISOL premium quality PV modules are approved for building integrated installations with IRFTS's Easy Roof mounting systems.BISOL Group, one of the leading European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules and other solar solutions, is constantly reaffirming its competitive position in existing markets and developing innovative solar solutions.
The family-run Bisol Estate offers a warm greeting, a guided tour and exceptionally rated Proseccos at its tasting, ranging from semi-sweet to ultra dry.
Pequenas narrativas autobiograficas escritas por adolescentes surdos foram analisadas por Bisol (2008).
Sources revealed Bisol dam, Brain Zai dam and Parali dam will be completed in Balochistan during the second phase and Sakari dam, Nali dam, Kheeji dam and Nalstang dam will be constructed in Sindh.
Bisol is an instructor at Worcester Vocational High School in Worcester, Massachusetts.
Name Testator Sign Date Angelo Madalena Bisol PSM citra, b.316, 04.08.1369 Widow Maffeo Bisol fasc.
The majority of top leaders, including Lula, campaigned for Fernando Gabeira, president of the Green Party, but delegates, nonetheless, chose Joao Paulo Bisol, a southern senator of the Brazilian Socialist Party, who had won public recognition for his pro-worker activity during the Constituent Assembly.