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BISONBinary Interchange Standard and Object Notation
BISONBirmingham Solar Oscillation Network
BISONBusiness International Sales and Opportunity Network
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Excellent and journalistic, the book forwards a fascinating perspective on the bison. It lays out the species' chronology from its earliest days to the present.
The acquisition will add to Bison's existing water gathering and disposal network in the region and further establishes Bison as the only water midstream business with large scale, integrated water infrastructure in the SCOOP and Merge.
But the bison began to get worked up and charged into the crowd.
They argue that the bison don't belong in the park, where the animals overgraze meadows, contaminate water sources and trample archaeological sites.
The American bison live on a 50-acre pasture off Pine Street that is enclosed by an inner electrified fence, then an outer fence with barbed wire at the top.
Bison expects all S&S employees will remain with the company, including Ryan Surroz, president of S&S, who will become president of Bison's water infrastructure division.
In spite of the initial difficulties and the loss of some of them, the animals were successfully adapted, and in July 2015A the first of centuries in the Rhodopes European bison - was born.
The main purpose of the camp was to inform students about the importance of reintroduction of bison into their historical habitats, as well as educational work to form children's love for nature.
"According to my information, no other (American) white bison has been born in Europe," veterinarian Jozef Ezvedj told AFP.
The success of the breeding programme at the bison reservation near Topoianky (Nitra Region) means that they have a higher number of young animals than the area can easily support so three bison are to be sold to a private entrepreneur from Namestovo who plans to display them to visitors.
Also participating are Bison's existing investors, Hamilton Lane (NASDAQ: HLNE), a global private markets asset management firm, and GrandBanks Capital, a Boston-based VC firm.