BISPABritish Iron and Steel Producers Association
BISPABritish Independent Steel Producers' Association
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More than 170 five to 18-year-olds took part in the group's annual summer showcase at the Alexandra Theatre on Sunday night after rehearsing at both the Hippodrome and BISPA.
uk This summer, BISPA will * host a five to ten-year-olds course called High School Musical Mega Mix at the Old Fire Station from July 27-31.
launch of BISPA in the old fire station in Moseley last year.
Dubbed The Flame Academy, BISPA is at 287 Moseley Road, Birmingham B12 0DX.
For more details about BISPA, including courses for adults and its full-time educational opportunities from September, call 0845 463 6157 or visit www.
Ian Sandy and Dan Chen whose partnership is turning Moseley's old fire station into BISPA - The Birmingham Independent School of Performing Arts.
Since closing as a fire station in 1972, the premises have been used by a family engineering film which is leasing the building to BISPA for an initial 15 years.
The chances of would-be stars will certainly be enhanced by plans by the Birmingham Independent School of Performing Arts to move into new premises - dubbed The Flame Academy because BISPA is converting the old fire station in Highgate.