BISRBuilt-In Self Repair
BISRBirla Institute of Scientific Research (India)
BISRBiomedical Informatics Shared Resource
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"Part of our school's mission is challenging students to become conscientious global citizens and, in doing so, increase their awareness of environmental issues," said Gareth Lupson, senior school Eco Committee coordinator at BISR.
More recently, BISR successfully set up a recycling scheme, and it is now looking to create a recycling partnership with its neighboring Al-Hamra Oasis Village Compound.
Lupson said one of the greatest challenges is being able to create a network of Riyadh-based organizations that can assist BISR in its efforts to become more sustainable.
"But BISR is proud to take a leading role in addressing these challenges in the hope that it will inspire others to follow."
Earlier this year, a group of five Year 11 students came up with an innovative proposal to create sustainable energy sources for BISR. Their entry was chosen, as part of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, in the top 18 out of 2,101 worldwide entries.
Fitch believes that the company's strong other key factors considered in our Investment Holding Companies Criteria, in particular loan-to-value and liquidity ratios, asset liquidity, dividend control and stability, investment and financial policy and investment record, deserve a full notch uplift from the BISR to result in the current 'BBB' IDR.
BISR authorities had sent the papers to the respective banks two days earlier but the candidates had to undergo agonizing wait of two hours more in the examination centers due to non checking of printed papers by the BISR.
(22.) Ahmad Hasnawi, "Un eleve de Abu Bisr Matta b.
On behalf of the foreign schools, Chris Mantz, principal of British International School, Riyadh (BISR), spoke very highly about this initiative.
Rhaid cyfadde ei fod yn eitha da fel cyflwynydd a rhaid edmygu ei frwdfrydedd dros ei gamp, er bod rhywbeth eitha bisr yn ei weld yn stwnsho mecryll hanner marw ac yn miniogi bachyn anferth cyn gweld y siarcod yn chwydu eu stumogau.
Examples of such IIP include built-in self-test (BIST) for logic and memories, built-in repair analysis (BIRA), built-in self-repair (BISR), error-correcting codes (ECC) for embedded memories, embedded core test logic for SOCs, embedded timing analyzers to measure timing specifications, and embedded fuse technology for on-chip repair.
WYTHNOS digon bisr ar y cyfan a gafwyd ar S4C yr wythnos hon.